Studying Online in the Time of Pandemic

Studying Online in the Time of Pandemic

Studying Online in the Time of Pandemic

Bars, shops, schools and yoga studios have recently begun to reopen in many places and now they are re-closing again. After a nice “break” during the summer months, anxiety levels seem to be going up again. We all miss the normality of our pre-Covid routines and rituals, but whenever we end up in a room with people outside our closest social group, a slight feeling of uncertainty or guilt crosses our mind: “Should I be here?“, “Is it safe?“, or “Am I potentially putting myself or others in danger?

Sound familiar? That’s the reality we live in today. Until the world returns to normal, we need to find ways to stay safe and healthy without going crazy! Life is short and, as the pandemic taught us, unpredictable, we should not therefore be putting it on hold. Online learning is not only a tool we can use to progress our education or self-development projects, but also a fantastic way to stay sane and happy (while staying safe!).

Here’s why:

1. Human contact feels good

Online learning with live tutors, as opposed to self-study, gives you an opportunity to speak to a real person, who’s not just a teacher, but also a human being with interests, emotions and stories. In times when we think twice whether it’s safe or responsible to meet new people, connecting online with another person just feels good, without any feelings of uncertainty. And this helps us stay sane! Numerous studies have shown that relationships, and not only close friendships, are an indispensable ingredient for happiness and mental health.

2. Something to look forward to 

Continuing on the topic of mental health — for most of us, the pandemic caused a harsh stop to our rituals, things we loved doing, things we looked forward to. Yoga classes? Commute to work on your favourite bike? Shopping with friends? Drinks on a Friday night? For many of us, it will take time before we can return to all of these with full speed and without remorse. Your online lessons happening on specific days, at specific times, and with a teacher you like, can become a new ritual and give you something to look forward to, and make you feel you’re not wasting your life waiting for the world to get less crazy.

3. The feeling of accomplishment

Wouldn’t it be nice to look back at the crazy year of 2020 and see it not just as the time of uncertainty suspense, but also the time when you achieved something special? The time we’d normally spend commuting to work or getting a drink with friends could be spent to achieve something we’ve always planned and never had time for — may it be learning to code, or to cook, or reaching fluency in Spanish. And when we’re back to our regular lives soon, we will have something to be proud of.

The pandemic will pass. The world will go back to normal again and, possibly, even better than before! It’s likely we will all appreciate what we’ve got way more, spend more time with family and in our local communities, that our jobs will stay more flexible, that the environment will become a priority for world leaders. Let’s keep positive and remember, 2020 is not a year to cancel and forget. It’s a special year full of challenges, it’s an opportunity to grow, to develop, and to be grateful. Stay safe and keep learning! ?

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