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kaye terrelonge

My name is Kaye and a gifted Conversational ESL Gabber who wants to be your English Speaking Partner!
New, verified teacher
Native languages:
My name is Kaye and a gifted Conversational ESL Gabber who wants to be your English Speaking Partner!
Native languages:
Interview Prep

My name is Kaye. Explain to me your goals, your conversation is corrected for grammar use, sentence structure, or vocabulary as necessary in a caring and fun way to recall for future reference. Most importantly, you are talking! I place great importance on my students understanding their challenges and applying what they have learned confidently. We will make learning fun and memorable by making our classes entertaining and energetic.

My teaching methodology:
My goal is help foreigners who want to improve their conversational English skills. I can also teach them how to expand their vocabulary and understand the meaning and usage of idiomatic expressions and collocations if they're interested. Non-native English speakers may find it challenging to communicate in English because they worry that they won't understand what is being said or know how to respond. Making small talk as a result becomes a nightmare. Believe me when I tell that I absolutely understand, as I too am an immigrant who grew up in America and had trouble acquiring the "Universal Language." Currently regarded as a brilliant gabber, I have helped numerous international students, both privately and on assignments, feel at ease discussing about anything (apart from politics, religion, and sports) while boosting their self-confidence to speak to an English-speaking foreigner.
My teaching background:

My teaching method is to let students be themselves: to be honest about their goals and accomplishments, to feel at ease speaking about topics that pique their interest or that they want to discuss for self-improvement, and to learn ways to improve their vocabulary as well as how to recall phrases to use depending on the situation.

My background outside of teaching:

As a migrant myself, I understand the concerns you have. I was born in Jamaica, West Indies, a country where the official language is English, and my parents, like other foreigners, moved to the US for better opportunities and relocated to Bronx, New York, where I grew up. Although I spoke English at school, no one understood me. Why? You would not believe that they said I spoke funny. Speaking and Reading a passage in English aloud, rather than mentally, helped improve listening skills and strengthen articular muscles. Didn't worry too much if the pronunciation was incorrect; the more I practiced, the better the intonation improved then recognized when conversing with others. I'm always engaging in conversation with a diverse range of individuals and not afraid to ask or challenge with questions. This is the best way to explore language as well as understanding each other. I make mistakes and admit if I'm wrong, and will take the time to find the answer. I'm perfectly imperfect.

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