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Italian teacher with more than 15 years of experience. I don't smile in the picture but still I'm a nice guy!

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I have been teaching Italian for more than 15 years for universities and Institutions around the world. For my lessons, I like to take care of any details, from the beginning to every transition from one activity to another. I produce most of the materials I use in class by myself and my reading activities, distinguished for levels, are now used in several schools by colleagues.
what should you expect from my classes:
My lessons consist of creative, unique and interactive tasks that cover all the abilities involved in the learning process. The student is able to gather this all through simple instructions. Each topic follows a precise path, guiding students over an inductive approach, accompanied by targeted in-depths exercises.
my teaching background:
I have taught Italian at all levels, from middle school to adults of all ages. I worked in the USA, Austria, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand and Italy. created blogs to serve as resource for students, developed syllabi and lesson plans and refresher courses to instructors.
my background outside of teaching:
My objective as a teacher is to foster a positive learning environment for all students throughtout different customized lectures. I have a flair for understanding the collective intellectual level of a class.
native languages:
other languages spoken:
English, Spanish

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3 unique facts about me

  • I am able to emphatize with my students and to adapt my lessons based on their needs
  • I have a lot of interests that I might share with a student: art, sport, cinema, travelling, reading, music, languages.
  • I have worked in several countries and continents and I am aware of the problems a student might face in the study of the Italian language according with his/her mother tongue


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