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Your success is my success – we’re on the same team.

Conversation Conversation
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Grammar Grammar
Matura (PL) Matura (PL)
My lessons are suitable for you if you want to improve your speaking fluency and work on your communication skills; if your goal is to expand your vocabulary and use what you learn in real-life context; if you need to practise talking about a variety of topics in a learning-friendly environment. --> New Lesson Format: 30-minute classes: structured and speaking-oriented English language practice
what should you expect from my classes:
In my classes I ask numerous questions to stimulate conversation. I present the new language in context and offer plenty of examples. I like to rely on authentic texts. Once I learn about the learner, I design activities tailored to their needs and interests. I encourage the learner to experiment with the new language. You can be sure I'll do everything to maximise your comfort in my classes!
my teaching background:
I've been teaching English since 2014. It’s been my greatest passion to share knowledge ever since. I've run a range of courses (General English, exam preparation, conversation classes) at all levels of proficiency. I specialise in teaching adults and teenagers. That’s where I put my energies most.
my background outside of teaching:
Apart from being a language teacher, I’m also a language learner. I speak German and learn bits and pieces of other languages too (such as Italian and Arabic). Just for my own pleasure. My interests include: psychology, reflection, fine art photography.
native languages:
other languages spoken:
BA in English Philology (teacher qualifications at the 1st and 2nd educational levels [pre-primary and primary schools])
MA in English Philology (teacher qualifications at the 3rd and 4rd educational levels [lower- and upper-secondary schools])

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: Free

1 lesson 5 lessons 10 lessons
$11.50 $11.00 $10.50
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3 unique facts about me

  • I speak a Polish regional dialect. Some words are so unusual that not every fellow citizen would understand me! :)
  • I’m keen on macro photography. It serves as a creative outlet for me.
  • I’m a nature lover. It gives me an indescribable sense of connection with nature when I capture its beauty (with my camera).


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    Kaludia is a great teacher. She is always well prepared and ready to correct all you mistakes.
    The lesson topics are interesting and Klaudia is always open for my suggestion, highly recommended.