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Languages are a way to connect and exchange with other people. Learning should be enriching and fun!

Conversation Conversation
Science Science
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Grammar Grammar
Pronunciation Pronunciation
During my classes, you will learn and discover beyond the language. I incorporate real-life topics to help you build up your language skills while keeping lessons fun and interesting. I mainly teach conversation classes, which we can tailor to your interests and needs.
what should you expect from my classes:
  • Conversation
  • Discussing podcasts
  • Reading articles
  • Quick vocabulary and grammat checks
my teaching background:
In addition to online and presential private classes (English and French), I have taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in a language school (Peru) for two years. My students were teenagers and adults. During my high school years, I have worked as a private tutor (primary and secondary school).
my background outside of teaching:
I have a Bachelor's in Biology and a Master's in Oceanography. I also work as an English Editor for scientific publications. I co-own a surf and sustainability shop, named Eco Surf Station, in Huanchaco, Peru.
English, French
native languages:
other languages spoken:

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: Free

60 minutes
1 lesson 5 lessons 10 lessons
$15.00 $14.50 $14.00

3 unique facts about me

  • I love sharks and bees (what a weird combination, I know!).
  • I have a strong interest for circular economy and sustainable development.
  • I have co-founded an organization that uses surfing to promote social inclusion and development, environmental awareness, and the preservation of cultural heritage. The organization is called Share The Wave, and we are prinicpally active in Huanchaco, Peru.


  • Susana Saez's profile picture
    Susana Saez

    Je prends des classes avec Roxane depuis quelques mois et je suis très contente de l'avoir trouvé comme professeur. Elle accompagne mes progrès avec beaucoup de soin et les cours sont toujours le mélange parfait de conversation, compréhension, prononciation et grammaire.

  • Kinga Sztymela's profile picture
    Kinga Sztymela

    Roxane est une excellente enseignante. Elle est ouverte sur chaque sujet et on peut parler de tout! Les cours avec elle sont très intéressants et même si mon français n'est pas très bon je me sens très à l'aise! Je recommande sincèrement!!!

  • Stephan Klitscher's profile picture
    Stephan Klitscher

    I started my lessons with Roxane in March 2021. I hoped to find someone who would make a perfect match. After some lessons I knew that I had found the best passionate French-teacher. Roxane presents herself in a very winning attitude, keen in proceeding the content that the students want to follow. Thereby, she shows a truly pro-active style in teaching, offering a broad range of suitable and thrilling articles, videos, Internet-links etc. Her input and impact is indispensible! Thanks Roxane

  • Ania Rozmus's profile picture
    Ania Rozmus

    Great lessons! A lot of speaking and a lot of positive energy! I strongly recommend you to start lessons with Roxane!