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Learn English and Portuguese with a Professional Language Teacher and Native Speaker

Conversation Conversation
General learning General learning
Pronunciation Pronunciation
Grammar Grammar
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Writing Writing
Complete beginners Complete beginners
You learn better with lessons designed around your needs, difficulties and expectations. For this reason, I only teach individual lessons to adults, where we can discuss topics that interest you. You’ll receive exclusive feedback to make the most of your lessons.
what should you expect from my classes:
I use Google Docs as an interactive tool. The lessons will be conversation based but we’ll also use authentic material (articles , videos) plus exercises from Grammar books, music and extracts from works of literature.
my teaching background:
I taught English from basic to intermediate levels to different groups in a school and in English immersion events in Brazil.
my background outside of teaching:
My passion has always been language learning and teaching, but before I started teaching I studied Law and I worked as a legal clerk in a Federal court in Brazil. I also worked as a Portuguese interpreter in Wales and an office manager.
Portuguese (Brazil), English
native languages:
Portuguese (Brazil)
other languages spoken:
CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: $7.00

60 minutes
1 lesson 5 lessons 10 lessons
$17.00 $15.50 $14.00

3 unique facts about me

  • I’m a CELTA certified English teacher by ELT Cambridge University
  • I’m a language learner. I’m currently learning French , Russian. And Spanish. Language learning is a lifelong pursuit.
  • I worked as a Portuguese interpreter in Wales in 2010


  • lorenzo caloisi's profile picture

    Sempre un prazer fazer aula contigo. Muito legal e profissional. Otìma professora

  • Kamil Januś's profile picture

    I had some problems to connect with teacher by platform, but we solved the problem using skype.
    Lesson gave me idea how to start my learning, that was very helpful. I am looking forward for next lessons.