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I am a native English speaker from South Africa. I live and work as an English teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Business Business
Interview Prep Interview Prep
Pronunciation Pronunciation
Conversation Conversation
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Grammar Grammar
As an online English teacher I have taught a myriad of international students, which has allowed me to gain a plethora of teaching experience. Teaching students from a variety of nationalities has also provided me with a well-versed understanding of cultural sensitivity. I currently work as an English teacher for a reputable English school in Vietnam, where I specialize in IELTS exam preparation.
what should you expect from my classes:
  • My approach to teaching English is to prioritize interactivity and contextually relevant language. *Adapting lesson content to games, role-play dialogues, and interactive tasks, allows lessons to be both fun and effective in maintaining student engagement.
  • My lesson planning involves adapting the lesson content to the unique contexts, motivations and fluency levels of each of my students.
my teaching background:
I have accumulated 2 years of teaching experience consisting of both online English video lessons, as well as teaching English to children and adults in Vietnam. My lessons cover a broad range of topics and many aspects of English studies. I also specialize in IELTS exam preparation.
my background outside of teaching:
I was raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and lived in Cape Town for many years, where I worked as a waiter. My previous work experience includes working as a Client Services Consultant for an international company, which has provided me with a great deal of experience in general communication.
native languages:
B.A. English linguistics & English literature
120-hour online TEFL certification
120-hour in-class TEFL certification

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: $8.00

1 lesson 5 lessons 10 lessons
$8.50 $8.00 $7.50
$19.00 $18.00 $17.00
$28.00 $26.50 $25.00
$37.00 $35.00 $33.00

3 unique facts about me

  • I have a passion for research, and spend my time researching many disparate topics.
  • I love diving, and have been accredited with a PADI Advanced Open Water Diving License.
  • I am a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honour Society for academic achievement.


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    Johannes Schlegel

    Only a trained linguist can provide such a perfect lesson. Cameron is really a perfect teacher and a very nice and patient person.

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    Johannes Schlegel

    I learn many very important things! Teaching with Cameron is very interesting, helpful and adapted to my needs. Perfect work!

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    Johannes Schlegel

    I am very glad and very happy to have Cameron as my teacher!
    The lessons are always great!

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    Johannes Schlegel

    Cameron can very well explain grammar. He really helps to improve the pronunciation. He is very patient and helpful :) !

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    Johannes Schlegel

    The lessons were perfect! Cameron can really explain and help very well. He is a wonderful teacher!

  • Johannes Schlegel's profile picture
    Johannes Schlegel

    That was an excellent lesson. The teacher is highly qualified and does his job perfectly. I can only recommend Cameron.