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I have 7 years experience teaching intermediate and advanced students with conversation, stories, and games.

Conversation Conversation
General learning General learning
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Oxford & Cambridge Oxford & Cambridge
Interview Prep Interview Prep
A-Levels (UK) A-Levels (UK)
In lessons, like to give students a glimpse of the culture behind the language - I'll recommend books, videos, songs and films. If you need help with grammar, we'll write stories and learn key phrases that will help you become more confident. If you want to practice speaking - we can just chat!
what should you expect from my classes:
I will work with you to find a lesson plan that focuses on your interests and needs. If you want to build your confidence when speaking, for example, we'll discuss articles, TED Talks, and current affairs. No matter what your priorities are, our lessons will be interactive, using videos, stories or games to make sure you hear native speakers and get plenty of opportunity to use new vocabulary.
my teaching background:
For the last 7 years, I have taught English to adults and teens over online exchanges. I've also tutored GCSE and A-Level students in the classroom, and when living in France I worked as an English language assistant.
my background outside of teaching:
Aside from teaching English and studying languages such as French, Russian, and Georgian, I have worked as a transcriptionist and content writer. I am always doing other creative projects in my spare time, too: I've designed a board game, run a website, and started to learn Python!
Russian, English
native languages:
other languages spoken:

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3 unique facts about me

  • I love reading, and read about 50 books a year. So, I can recommend you some great titles!
  • I really love to get creative in the kitchen and try out new recipes.
  • When I was at university, I used to play "alternative" ice hockey twice a week in the middle of the night.


  • piotr mirosz's profile picture
    piotr mirosz

    Nice experience, clear and understoodable tips. I will continue learning with Charlotte definetly.

  • Julia Smolnik's profile picture
    Julia Smolnik

    We have our trial lesson and it was great!

  • Burak Özpoyraz's profile picture
    Burak Özpoyraz

    Absolutely useful for my speaking and grammar. I can see where I do mistakes and fix them. I will definitely keep following these lessons !!

  • TravisWentGmail Wentworth's profile picture
    TravisWentGmail Wentworth

    Very organised lesson - I had my trial, without second thought I will continue.