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Everyone has different needs and learning styles so I stucture my classes based on topics that interest you!

Grammar Grammar
Pronunciation Pronunciation
Accent reduction Accent reduction
Vocabulary Vocabulary
General learning General learning
Conversation Conversation
I personalise my classes in a fun and relaxed way using my own materials and subjects to make the classroom a fun learning experience. I'll always ask for feedback at the end of each class so that we can focus on your weaknesses and I'll help you with a variety of study techniques to help you improve on these confidently and quickly.
what should you expect from my classes:
Throughout my teaching, I use active recall methods to help students learn and practise topics that we have covered both in class and previous ones. You can expect structured classes with lots of encouragement and a variety of materials. I'll also give you different study techniques to help you learn quickly and practise efficiently in order to integrate English easily into your daily routine.
my teaching background:
I’m a certified online English tutor with over 3 years teaching experience, mostly in South America. I’ve taught all levels from basic to advanced, and of all ages in the classroom and online.
my background outside of teaching:
I've worked in the Education sector for over 9 years, as a Swimming teacher, a Teaching Assistant in a primary school and most recently as an English teacher. I have also worked in several positions in the hospitality sector in restaurants and pubs from waitering to kitchen staff.
native languages:
other languages spoken:
Spanish, French

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: Free

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$12.50 $11.50 $10.00
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3 unique facts about me

  • I worked as an extra in Mission Impossible 5
  • I lived in Peru for 3 years :)
  • I started learning Spanish when I was 21 and I'm now fluent!


  • Jan Kaczor's profile picture
    Jan Kaczor

    I high recommended classes with Chris! It's the easiest thing on the world to learn English with him. He is great teacher, but, what is the most important to me, he is also very kind and communicative person. I can't wait for lessons with Chris!

  • Katarzyna Kosiak's profile picture
    Katarzyna Kosiak

    Great trial lesson, thanks!

  • Michalina Białek's profile picture
    Michalina Białek

    Chris has carefully prepared me for the TOEFL for the last couple of weeks. At the beginning I was anxious about this exam because I had very little time to study, but with each lesson I gained a lot of confidence. They were fun and thanks to them I felt I was making progress. Now I feel that I am ready to take this exam, but I am certain I wouldn't be as well-prepared without Chris's help. I'm definitely going to miss these lessons!

  • Laura Simhon's profile picture
    Laura Simhon

    Chris is definitely a very good teacher !
    He helps me a lot with prononciation and he doesn't hesitate to correct my sentences when I speak. This is exactly what I need. Chris is very attentive, so I highly recommend him to new students :) !

  • Andrzej Pieczenkin's profile picture
    Andrzej Pieczenkin

    I really like these lessons.
    We work on my mistakes in the way that works best for me.
    I Recommend Chris

  • Andrzej Pieczenkin's profile picture
    Andrzej Pieczenkin

    I am very impressed after the first lessons.
    Chris is a very good teacher, we solve a lot of the problems I had a problem with so far.
    I definitely recommend Chris.

  • Maria Lubicz-Łapińska's profile picture
    Maria Lubicz-Łapińska

    Great teacher!