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Young, specialised and open-minded teacher who understands both your needs and barriers.

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Hi! My name is Margaret and I am 25-year-old English enthusiast :) I graduated in Psychology and English Studies, thus my two biggest passions are English and other human. I will not only improve your language skills but I can also help you with the lack of motivation, your language barriers, and stress while speaking foreign language.
what should you expect from my classes:
I try to provide my students not only with a load of language skills but also with some learning methods which can help them outside of the lesson. Being aware of all the cognitive processes in our brain, I know how to use mnemotechniques etc. I can also work with motivation and some kind of language coaching. I like using technology while teaching, different kinds of online tools etc.
my teaching background:
I used to teach in a kindergarten for a couple of months and I loved that job! Later on I conducted my private 1-1 classes and worked in a language school where I provided lessons to a range group of students.
my background outside of teaching:
Psychology is my main area of interest. I started postgraduate studies in the field of psychodietetics. I worked in international environment for one of the global financial companies in HR department. Now came to Norway to live the adventure of my lifetime!
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3 unique facts about me

  • - I can speak Russian and read Russian alphabet which is called cyrillic script, my big dream is to travel across Siberia
  • - my boyfriend's biggest passion is motocross, so I often spend my weekends in mud
  • - I used to sing in a choir when I was a teenager


  • Tomasz Chowaniec's profile picture

    Very kind person, I'm really happy to meet her.

  • Jakub Trzebiatowski's profile picture

    friendly, positive attitude, understanding. The lessons are fun

  • Natalia Natalia's profile picture

    Perfect :)

  • Kamil Sak's profile picture

    Very nice trial lesson :)

  • Krzysztof MAJER's profile picture

    Very patient ... Thanks to her for that.

  • Krzysztof MAJER's profile picture

    It helps me to know English.

  • Jakub Trzebiatowski's profile picture

    Friendly. Recommended.

  • Diana DELELIS's profile picture

    Great Trial! Very structured and comfortable lesson!