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Hello! I’m here to help you sound more like a native speaker. :)

Conversation Conversation
Pronunciation Pronunciation
Grammar Grammar
Matura (PL) Matura (PL)
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General learning General learning
what should you expect from my classes:
I focus on improving pronunciation and speaking skills by using technology and other techniques to keep you engaged. For me, correct pronunciation is very important. I also try to make my students feel comfortable during my classes by encouraging them to not be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes is a normal thing when you learn a new language and is the first step to getting better.
my teaching background:
I have been teaching English for the past five years at the language schools in Poland. I teach only adults. I use various strategies like games and modern technology to make my classes interesting. Moreover I adjust and adapt each class according to your needs.
my background outside of teaching:
I am passionate about languages. I studied German philology at the university and speak German and French fluently. I am currently learning Korean and Hindi. I also work as a software developer, creating new apps and games for language learners. I’m also interested in natural language processing.
English, German
native languages:
other languages spoken:
French, Russian

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: $1.50

1 lesson 5 lessons 10 lessons
$8.00 $8.00 $7.50
$15.50 $15.50 $15.00
$23.50 $23.00 $22.50
$31.00 $30.50 $30.00

3 unique facts about me

  • I’m a positive person and my aim is always to create a positive atmosphere during my classes.
  • I love to travel to new places because other cultures and people fascinate me.
  • I am passionate about dancing, especially hip-hop dance.


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    Ein sehr gut Lehrer. Ich empfehle!

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    I recommend, he is very communicative

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    Sympatyczny i komunikatywny nauczyciel. W ciekawy sposób prowadzi lekcję, można się z nim też dogadać co do zakresu tematów. Jestem mile zaskoczona jak szybko i pożytecznie upłynęła lekcja na platformie.