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You will be more confident and comfortable speaking English after our lessons. I'm sure of it. Take a chance

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I am the product of a Scottish mother and an Italian father. I grew up in Canada and have been teaching English to students from all around the world since 2001. Your English WILL IMPROVE working with me.
what should you expect from my classes:
You should expect to be encouraged to just talk. The more I get to know you the more shape and direction our lessons will take. You should expect me to listen and notate and locate problem areas and then work to improve on them with clear real life examples.
my teaching background:
I have taught students from most parts of the world since 2001. I have taught kids, teens, young adults, adults and working professionals. My experience makes me confident that whatever needs you have, I can help you.
my background outside of teaching:
People are comfortable talking to me and sharing things with me. I am often the friend that friends come to with problems or when experiencing difficulties in their lives. I am a good listener and an understanding person. My time in theatre has given me a wide perspective on the human condition.
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3 unique facts about me

  • I was an actor before I became a teacher.
  • I write songs.
  • I like to remain a bit of a mystery sometimes.


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    Piotr G

    Interesting and funny conversation. Always a summary of the lesson what needs to be improved and how. I really recommend this teacher.