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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." – Gandhi

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Tailored, easy lessons yet challenging and motivating, using general conversation and literary tools to build confidence in speaking to others. Shakespeare, poetry, music, books will quickly improve your English. Enjoy helping others get ready for exams, interviews, preparing business materials or for public speaking. Native Canadian English speaker, cheerful, fun and creative manner.
what should you expect from my classes:
To begin, lets find out what English assets and deficiencies you have or what you need help with. Then we will make a program together. Expect cognates, (words that are similar), word frequency and idioms have been great ways to accelerate learning and improve your vocabulary.
  • Learning will be fun and simple at first to build your confidence and interest, then moving into harder tasks.
my teaching background:
I have been teaching English for 9 years now sporadically. Although, having a strong background in technical and business communication, my main skill has been helping new students improve their pronunciation or challenging advanced students with homonyms, tongue twisters and introduction to Latin
my background outside of teaching:
Improved speaking flow and confidence building are where you will benefit most from my background skills. Really enjoying Polish English learners, especially those needing help with pronunciation and flow. That dreaded ~th~ sound is what usually needs "Polishing". :-> Pun intended.
native languages:
other languages spoken:
German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
Technical Communication

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: $5.00

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$10.00 $9.00 $8.00
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3 unique facts about me

  • Setup English classes in the countries of Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Currently teaching in Brazil.
  • I am a sailor, nature lover and adventure seeker. Previously a computer consultant and administrator for a bioinformatic gene sequencing company. As a result of this, the Commodore 64 and sail boats like the Chinese Junk rig are my favorite passions.
  • Currently traveling around the world, Brazil now being my 37th country. Your lessons help make this dream possible. Thank You! __________________________ Be sure to check out the Langu Blog where I wrote an article about what inspires my teaching style: ____________________________________


  • Michal Cholewiński's profile picture
    Michal Cholewiński

    Really good!

  • Maciej Klaczyński's profile picture
    Maciej Klaczyński

    It's always good to talk to this awesome guy ;-)

  • Gabriel Lipinski's profile picture
    Gabriel Lipinski

    The lessons are very good, Kevin is a really talkative person, eager to explain everything what You ask. I truly recommend :)

  • Emil Ura's profile picture
    Emil Ura

    Very interesting and funny lesson :)

  • Ewa Ja's profile picture
    Ewa Ja

    Again. Extraordinary experience with Kevin :)

  • Ewa Ja's profile picture
    Ewa Ja

    I enjoyed the lesson! He is diffrent compering to other teachers, more engaged and use not obvious methods.

  • Veranika Vouk-Karacheuskaya's profile picture
    Veranika Vouk-Karacheuskaya

    Great job with my pronunciation.
    Thank you, Kevin

  • Maciej Klaczyński's profile picture
    Maciej Klaczyński

    More and more I like Kevin's teaching methods! :)