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With Mr. English your lessons will be fun and engaging. Tailored and practical, learn faster and retain more!

Pronunciation Pronunciation
Business Business
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Vocabulary Vocabulary
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Marketing Marketing
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills
Interview Prep Interview Prep
Flexible lessons tailored to your needs. Lets make it fun while were at it! Using games or offering challenges, you will benefit from faster learning times and greater retention. Need to get ready for an exam, job interview or prepare business materials? My university level communication courses will be a great asset. Native Canadian English speaker, cheerful, patient and creative manner.
what should you expect from my classes:
To begin, lets find out what language assets and deficiencies you have or what project you need help with. Then we will make a program together.
  • Starting with cognates, (words that are similar), word frequency and idioms has been a great way to accelerate learning a new language.
  • Learning will be fun and simple to build your confidence and interest.
my teaching background:
I have been teaching English for 8 years now sporadically. Although, having a strong background in technical and business communication, my experience has been helping new students improve their pronunciation or challenging advanced students with homonyms, tongue twisters and etymology.
my background outside of teaching:
With over 30 years experience in business and computer consulting, communication projects and marketing are areas where you will benifit most from my skill sets. Spilling over into teaching experience, I developed a flair for English beginners, especially those with speech or learning impairments.
native languages:
other languages spoken:
German, Spanish
Technical Communication

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3 unique facts about me

  • Setup and ran English classes in the countries of Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Currently teaching in Brazil.
  • I am a sailor, cowboy and adventure seeker. Previously a computer technologist with 30 years experience. Do you know what a Chinese Junk Rig or C64 is?
  • Currently traveling around the world, Brazil now being my 37th country. Your solicitations help make this dream possible. Thank You!


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    I had 3 lessons so far I like his individual approach, lots of pronunciation and vocabulary practice. I am sure I will continue.