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ALL needs are welcome - preferably Grammar and Conversation

Grammar Grammar
Conversation Conversation
Young Learners Young Learners
Pronunciation Pronunciation
General learning General learning
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Interview Prep Interview Prep
As I discovered my natural interest for living beings the values of language appeared elementary for building relations by choosing the right way of communication. The art of linguistics helped me to understand the secret of expression, communication and cognition.
what should you expect from my classes:
  • Preferred books: "Aspekte" series; "Begegnungen"; "Erkundungen"
  • Own creation of conversation and reading material such as Grammar for cognitive training
  • Useful webpages
my teaching background:
For 2 years I've been active as a language teacher, both online and in Berlin, teaching mainly B / C - Levels. Though open for A-Levels and others!
my background outside of teaching:
Bachelor studies (linguistics and literature) Berlin. Love to travel, create art, cook and enjoy life. Love my dog! Love LANGUAGE!
native languages:
Polish, German
other languages spoken:
English, Spanish

price per lesson

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$13.50 $12.50 $11.50
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$39.50 $37.00 $34.00

3 unique facts about me

  • Highly interested in individuals of any culture, nation or mentality :)
  • Grammar freak!
  • Big heart :)


  • Piotr Balczyński's profile picture

    Wie immer - super :)

  • Shira Butt's profile picture

    Oliwia ist sehr geduldig, freundlich, und bereit. Sie hat immer gut verbindug (sehr wichtig) und wir haben immer etwas über zu reden! Ich habe noch mehr oder weniger fünf deutsch stunde gemacht und es freut mich sehr!
    I would highly recommend Oliwia! She is very prepared and has an outgoing personality so she is very easy to talk to. She tailors her lesson to what you want and is good at finding weaknesses and improving them.

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