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Teaching is my passion and at the same time I learned a lot from it. I really like the contact with people.

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I wanted to study in Germany. Therefore I should be able to speak this language very well. I learned German with great effort for a long time. With every lesson I had a new outlook on the language. That's crazy for me.
what should you expect from my classes:
I share helpful exercises with my students. I could use gestures, various examples and methods to enumerate the grammars. The students can count on interesting courses. I am patient and could flexibly teach any person.
my teaching background:
I have been teaching German at an institute, privately also online. Teaching is my passion and at the same time I learned a lot from it. I have taught different people with different level. Including children, adults and foreigners
my background outside of teaching:
My professional life is more about teaching. I also studied mechanical engineering and at the same time I am trying to acquire specialist knowledge. I am happy to be involved in volunteering.
German, Persian (Farsi)
native languages:
Persian (Farsi)
other languages spoken:

price per lesson

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3 unique facts about me

  • I like children and have volunteered with children
  • My courses are mutual and if the students know something interesting, I would like to learn.
  • In my courses I try to find and describe the origin of words.


  • Dominika Kuś's profile picture

    Parisa is a great teacher and a very nice person. I highly reccommend taking German lessons with her

  • Jonathan Castletine-Jackson's profile picture

    Parisa ist toll! She is patient and makes lessons fun. I specifically wanted someone who has learnt German so they can take me through how to learn the language. Parisa has told me that I must work harder - awesome!

  • Jonathan Castletine-Jackson's profile picture

    very lucky to have her

  • Lawrence Kilian's profile picture

    Intelligent and well spoken. Highly recommend.

  • sina mohammadi's profile picture

    The teacher is nice ,patient and Dominate. I enjoyed the lesson very much.