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JumpStart Your Spanish With my 10-Week Program for Beginners!

Conversation Conversation
Pronunciation Pronunciation
General learning General learning
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Grammar Grammar
Accent reduction Accent reduction
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills
I know well the challenges you face as a Polish or English speaker when learning Spanish. By focusing on overcoming them from the beginning, you will progress faster, feel confident, and avoid recurring errors that become habits hard to unlearn. With my ten-week program you will see that learning Spanish is an achievable goal.
what should you expect from my classes:
No more vocabulary lists and grammar drills without context. Every lesson focuses on learning vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation with useful phrases.
  • Please, send me a message and book a trial lesson to know more about my 10-week plan for beginners.
  • Si tienes un nivel avanzado, por favor, envíame un mensaje antes de reservar una lección.
  • 1-hour lessons are 55 minute long
my teaching background:
Before I decided to prepare to become a Spanish teacher, I did language exchange and taught informal lessons regularly for more than ten years.
my background outside of teaching:
I'm Raúl Rodríguez from Madrid, Spain. I am a a curious and enthusiastic teacher and learner. I like to read and watch documentaries about traveling, culture, language learning, creative writing, and anything related to personal development.
native languages:
other languages spoken:
Enseñando Español Online
Taller de Ortografía y Gramática

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: Free

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3 unique facts about me

  • Errors are opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Curiosity took the cat’s life but keeps mine interesting.
  • I use my second language as a tool to learn about different topics.


  • Michael Prescott's profile picture

    Raul and I have had two lessons to date and so far I've found the lessons to be balanced excellently between focus on learning and high engagement. Rual's laid out a plan on how to tackle learning Spanish and (having had some expereince) this appears to be a well thought through and actionable plan. Very impressed so far, thanks Rual.

  • Andrzej Woźniakowski's profile picture

    Perfect Teacher ! :-)

  • Zofia Charis's profile picture

    un océano de paz!

  • Zofia Charis's profile picture

    Simply the best!

  • Zofia Charis's profile picture

    Very understanding, professional and kind teacher

  • Andrzej Woźniakowski's profile picture

    Bardzo polecamy Raula. Każda lekcja przynosi coś nowego i godzina lekcji mija błyskawicznie !!!

  • Damian Wróblewski's profile picture

    Amazing, inspirational approach. Raul understands peaople who start from the scratch. Lessons with him are not only a chance to develop your linguistic abilities but also a great fun!

  • Chris Wardman's profile picture

    Thanks for a well prepared class practising the past tense in the context of conversation.