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Hey! My name is Sam Montalbetti, and I teach conversation and public speaking English to all ages.

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I'm a friendly and easy going person who really enjoys talking to people from different walks of life. This combined with a deep understanding of the English Language (formal and informal) and experience teaching it makes me a great tutor for conversation and daily use of English. I've got a great ear pronunciation and phonetics so I can easily adapt my teaching to suit your needs!
what should you expect from my classes:
Visual aids are very useful, whether they are fun for young learners or direct for those more mature. I love learning about different cultures, so any materials that use English (a pop song, a meme, a movie) that you find in your day to day life are strongly encouraged to bring to class! Things like music tell me about you as a person and bring great energy and focus to our lesson.
my teaching background:
I started teaching as a soccer coach through high-school but began teaching English as a second language on a trip to Ghana. For 6 months I taught in class room and tutored one-on-one to children aged 6 to 15. I've continued tutoring native and second language learners.
my background outside of teaching:
My favourite part about teaching that pops up elsewhere in life is giving someone the time and space they need to make mistakes. They are part of life, and so much happens when you can embrace them and approach things without fear of failure.
native languages:
120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course

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3 unique facts about me

  • I'm from Canada, and currently live in the one province in Canada who's official language is French (Quebec). I've just started learning French, so it puts me in the same boat as you!
  • I'm an Artist! I love making and sharing pictures, and am in training to be an Artist at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.
  • My Mom accidentally misspelled my name on my birth certificate when I was born, but left it because it still worked and she was too tired to find an eraser. So, my full name is "Samual" instead of the usual spelling with an e, "Samuel".


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    Marcel Springer

    The video screen is too small. :-)

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    Muhammad Taha

    Sam is an excellent and patient teacher. He knows how to connect with his students and makes the whole lesson an enjoyable experience for them. My son absolutely his class and his method of teaching and he likes the flexibility and novelty of Sam's teaching.

  • Marcel Springer's profile picture
    Marcel Springer

    That was a really good conversation.

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    hans-jörg Schmerer

    Very nice and talented teacher. The right choice for teaching your kid some english skills.

  • hans-jörg Schmerer's profile picture
    hans-jörg Schmerer

    Sam is such a nice teacher, our kid enjoys the lessons very much! Highly recommend him.

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    Linn Tappert

    Many thanks, another very good session!

  • Linn Tappert's profile picture
    Linn Tappert

    Very, very good sessions! Thanks a lot!

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    wei song

    very nice, patient teacher。