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Best of both worlds: American and Polish! Years of experience, I make sure you're satisfied with my lessons :)

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I was born and raised in USA, spent 8 years in Poland where I graduated high school. I finished university back in Michigan with a BA in French Language and Literature. My passions are languages, traveling, photography, cinema and literature. I also enjoy nature, volleyball, trying new cuisine and learning about cultures.
what should you expect from my classes:
You let me know what you need! Everyone is taking lessons for different reasons, and I can help you with anything. Each person learns in their own way, so I will tailor to your needs. I will focus on vocabulary and pronunciation and grammar. My main goal is for you to learn and be comfortable with me.
my teaching background:
I have a TESL certificate. I have been a tutor, teacher's assistant and teacher in person and also online for about 3 years now. I have taught all ages from children to adults, on different levels.
my background outside of teaching:
I have lived in USA, Poland and France. I have traveled to 30 countries. I have studied five languages. I have many international friends. I am empathetic, understanding and patient, I know how to help learn a language because I know the difficulties you might be facing.
native languages:
English, Polish
other languages spoken:

price per lesson

30-minute trial lesson: $6.50

1 lesson 5 lessons 10 lessons
$11.50 $10.00 $9.00
$18.50 $17.50 $16.00
$22.50 $20.00 $17.50
$27.50 $23.50 $20.00

3 unique facts about me

  • I used to have a pet hedgehog. they're so cute!
  • my favorite topic and obsession is traveling.
  • I do not like candy. only chocolate and ice cream.


  • Tymoteusz Płaksej's profile picture
    Tymoteusz Płaksej

    Marta is a great teacher, when I start my lessons I understood little part of English but now I understand more.

  • Renata Nowakowska's profile picture
    Renata Nowakowska

    Marta is very friendly, talkative and nice. She's a great teacher. Hope to see her again.

  • Sylwia Szlichta-Igielska's profile picture
    Sylwia Szlichta-Igielska

    Marta is a great teacher, she's attentive and lesson are always very interesting.

  • Artur Pawlata's profile picture
    Artur Pawlata

    Marta is a great teacher.
    All time she patiently corrects my mistakes :)
    The conversation with her is very interesting.
    She helps me overcome my resistance to using English and open to talk.
    I fell very comfortable during the lessosns.
    I would recommend to everyone !

  • Magdalena Pliszka's profile picture
    Magdalena Pliszka

    Marta is really good and professional teacher and a nice person also :) You can feel free on her lessons, she’s easy going. I like her learning methods definitely. It always fun to speak with her.

  • Raúl Martín's profile picture
    Raúl Martín

    (Polish trial lesson) She is an open-minded and attentive teacher. Thanks Marta.