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I am specialized in teaching general English, Business English and teaching kids. BEC preparation

Conversation Conversation
Young Learners Young Learners
Business Business
Pronunciation Pronunciation
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Travel Travel
General learning General learning
Flexibility, relaxed classes with an accent on improving the area they are asking for. Energetic and holistic approach to each student. I tend to make positive and friendly atmosphere where we work and grow together as a team towards the goals we've set on the beginning of the course. I like speaking practice, where I tend to apply functional studying type and provide you with necessary knowledge.
what should you expect from my classes:
  • I like to listen to my students and their needs, so I can make proper curriculum for them and meet their demands and requests more accurate.
  • Speaking practice (discussion and role playing)
  • Homework
  • Written exercises
  • Oral evaluation and vocabulary boosting
my teaching background:
I've been teaching English for 5 years now, and specifically 4 years of online teaching to both adults and juniors. I have taught Business English, general English, BEC preparation, as well as public speaking, travel English and variety of others...
my background outside of teaching:
I've graduated on Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade where I've passed 4 Business English exams and I am generally knowledgeable about economy and business, my major was Foreign trade. I've worked as customer support for Walmart stores in the USA also. Travelling a lot.
native languages:
other languages spoken:
French, Spanish
TEFL certificate

price per lesson

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3 unique facts about me

  • Former professional football player
  • Lived in Alaska
  • Love meeting new people and cultures - Citizen of the WORLD


  • Johannes Schlegel's profile picture
    Johannes Schlegel

    We work a lot, I feel continuous progress. My English is getting better, my vocabulary is being intensively expanded. I thank Vlad for the interesting materials and methods that are really helpful.

  • Johannes Schlegel's profile picture
    Johannes Schlegel

    All Lessons are always very well prepared. Vlad has very great teaching materials and teaching ideas. He is a very good teacher.

  • Paweł Cywiński's profile picture
    Paweł Cywiński

    Good prepared

  • Maria Basiak's profile picture
    Maria Basiak

    All the time perfect lessons! I recomend this teacher :)

  • Agnieszka H's profile picture
    Agnieszka H

    It was a pleasure to have lessons with Vlad. He is very good teacher, he is always prepared and makes the lesson very nice. I was always waiting for our lesson.

  • Agnieszka H's profile picture
    Agnieszka H

    Vlad is always prepared. He uses different materials and try to adjust it to student preferences, interests. Lessons with him are very nice.

  • Agnieszka H's profile picture
    Agnieszka H

    Great teacher, very nice lesson.

  • Agnieszka H's profile picture
    Agnieszka H

    The teacher was well prepared, as always. It is always a pleasure to have a lesson with Vlad. I always wait for that. Very efecive and well spent time.