Bringing the best language teachers directly to you

We created Langu to make amazing language teachers available to students from anywhere, no matter where you live.


For too long, we've seen amazing language teachers and highly motivated students struggle to find each other - so we set out to change that.

Our teachers are (in our humble opinion!) the most interesting people in the world. They have tons of experience, lived in many countries and are perfect guides for your language journey. They are a carefully selected group of trusted professionals who can help you break the language barrier, pass your exams and make real progress.



All teachers are interviewed and we accept only around 1 in 5 applicants.



Over 11,000 5-star reviews from happy students.



All kinds of specialities on offer, from IELTS to engineering.


We're a team of passionate language teachers and enthusiasts driven by the promise of borderless communication and the power of internet to make it happen. We met in Oxford, launched Langu in 2017, and are now based in London and around the world.

Travis Wentworth Co-founder/CEO

Originally from the US, Travis joined up with Aga to build Langu, because he couldn't find a Polish tutor when he wanted one. A jack of all trades with experience in journalism, marketing and consulting – but Langu is his one true obsession. Loves trying to speak Polish, Spanish, & German and making all kinds of mistakes.

Aga Nowicka Co-founder/COO

Language obsessive, constantly working on making Langu a better place to learn (& keeping the boys in line!). Born in Poland, taught English & horse-riding around Europe, studied Applied Linguistics at Oxford, worked in a big glass corporate tower before deciding to follow the dream and launch Langu. Speaks English, Polish, and some Italian. Learning German and Spanish!

Marta Sieradzka Business Manager

Marta is a foreign language enthusiast, fascinated with cultural differences, trying to make company clients as happy and well taken care of as possible. Can’t imagine life without animals and cappuccinos. Earned degrees in journalism & management, then decided to combine what she likes most - people, languages and startups.

Mateusz Trebliński Student Success Officer

A language enthusiast, an avid gamer, and a geek, all in one person. Holding a degree in applied linguistics with English and Italian, Mateusz utilises his skills in communication, translation, and creative thinking to ensure that your experience with Langu is as pleasant as possible! In his free time, Mateusz enjoys playing video games, reading books, and learning new languages.

Adrianna Lembicz Customer Support Specialist

Ada is an English philology graduate, and she’s been working in various sections of the Internet for a while - doing a bit of SEO, social media management, moderation, search engine evaluation and customer support. Privately, she owns 2 dogs and 3 cats. In her free time, she enjoys practising calligraphy and painting, as well as relaxing by watching her favourite series or playing games.

Chica Chief Wagging Officer

Chica is an international dog. She was born in Poland, raised in Italy, spent some time in Spain and now lives in London, where she holds a senior executive position here at Langu. Understands lots of languages but needs to improve her pronunciation. Woof woof! Sniff sniff sniff. Woof!


We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone learns differently, and people learn languages for all kinds of different reasons. This is why we have a broad range of English professionals to help you. Your teacher will assess your level and discuss your needs with you during the first lesson, and based on that, you'll get an individual learning plan which you can follow at your own pace.
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