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Finance & banking
Mike E
(182 reviews)
Specialist in Business English- 20+ years experience in international business at senior level.
  • Business
  • Conversation
  • Interview Prep
from $35.00/hr
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Jeffrey L
(3 reviews)
I prepare stimulating, visually pleasing lessons and always encourage my students to express themselves verbally.
  • Conversation
  • Pronunciation
  • Travel
from $15.00/hr
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Jerzy N
(6 reviews)
Hello! I mostly specialise in conversation courses (general ones) and business courses both for English and German.
  • General learning
  • Business
  • Conversation
from $14.00/hr
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Diana K
(19 reviews)
Russian and English languages with fun and for everyone :) I am Russian native speaker living in English in Poland
  • Business
  • Conversation
  • Complete beginners
from $17.50/hr