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6 Best Netflix Series You Can Use to Improve Your English | Langu blog

6 Best Netflix Series You Can Use to Improve Your English

6 Best Netflix Series You Can Use to Improve Your English

6 Best Netflix Series You Can Use to Improve Your English

We know that learning a language is not always easy – and whereas grammar or reading can be taught at school, expanding your vocabulary can be more difficult to accomplish. Don’t panic, though! There are some nice, effortless ways to learn a few new words. Let’s face it – the Covid pandemic is not going anywhere for now, so we need to find new ways to enjoy ourselves at home. 

Let us introduce you to six Netflix series that are not just a must-watch for entertainment, but are also great for enriching your English vocabulary. We tried to find something for everybody, so no matter whether you’re into history, cooking shows or want to watch a nice fairy tale bajka with your children you can find something for you!

If you’re a history freak: The Crown

This historical drama will be perfect for passionate followers of the royal family and British contemporary history in general. This series has four seasons (the fifth is coming in November) and they cover the reign of Queen Elizabeth II – from her wedding to Philip Mountbatten in 1947 up until the turn of the century.

Why is it worth watching?

  • Amazing costumes
  • British accents and culture
  • Very interesting historical background

If you like documentaries: Last Dance

This is a treat for sports fans, but I believe that everyone will enjoy this documentary. It consists of 10 episodes which tell the brilliant story of Michael Jordan and his journey to basketball superstardom. There is no better show to develop your sports-related vocabulary, if this is what you’re interested in. What’s more, this is without a doubt one of best Netflix productions to date. You just can’t miss it.

Why is it worth watching?

  • It has great reviews
  • You can travel back in time to… the 90’s!
  • Leaves you astonished. You will want to watch all 10 episodes at once

If you care about the planet and the environment: Our planet

Expanding your vocabulary is a side effect here – a very important one, but there is something more to it. What is crucial is what you gain after watching it. This series has seven episodes, each covering different aspects of our beautiful natural world: jungles, seas, desert, and climate change. The series is narrated by David Attenborough, the most famous British natural historian. His stories are impossible to pass by indifferently, so the educational effect is twofold here: you can improve both your language and natural awareness.

Why is it worth watching?

  • It does open your eyes on what we do to our planet and how we can help it survive
  • You simply won’t believe how beautiful nature is.
  • David Attenborough is a living legend!

Side note: How can you remember the difference between “desert” (where it’s hot and dry) and “dessert” (the sweet ending to a meal)? A desert, pronounced DEZ-ert, doesn’t have much in it, and you’ll only find one S. Dessert, on the other hand (pronounced dez-ERT), is delicious and you’ll always want more - so it gets the extra S.

If you’re a Sci-Fi geek: Stranger Things

Now, that’s a classic! We know not everyone is into science fiction, but this one is worth giving a chance! This American series has been produced especially for Netflix and turned out to be a great hit. The story focuses on the mysterious disappearance of a young boy and the subsequent supernatural events that happen in town. There are four seasons, with a fifth on the way. 

Why is it worth watching?

  • You get goosebumps all over your body. And you learn what the word goosebumps means.
  • 80’s pop culture is presented perfectly here! Plus, you’ll get to learn some new slang
  • For music fans, there’s an unbelievable soundtrack 

Fan of Gordon Ramsay? Chef’s Table

There is something very satisfying in watching successful people and learning about their work ideology. This documentary series is a must-watch for cooking fans. You should also be warned that this show is a little different than MasterChef or Hell’s Kitchen. This series lasts six seasons and every episode focuses on a different chef, exploring their cooking philosophies and specific approach to cooking and life in general. You also get to know different motivations, techniques and set of skills each chef has.

Why is it worth watching?

  • Double win: you can polish your language and cooking skills at the same time!
  • Nice way to get to know different cultures and foods from all around the world
  • You will get to know interesting people with potential to become admired mentors

Something for the little ones: Pup Academy

Now, something for both children and parents, because believe me – you won’t be able to break away from the academy full of cute puppies! The series tells a story about a very special school for the most adorable and curious puppies in the world.

Why is it worth watching?

  • Heartwarming vibes all over
  • Interesting story that will draw you in irretrievably
  • You get to spend some quality time with your little loved ones :) 

Now, go watch some TV!

And if Netflix is not enough, here's a list of 5 best TV series you can watch to improve your English.

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