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Lucyna Boryczko

Cześć! My name is Lucyna, I'm certified Polish language teacher.
New, verified teacher
Native languages:
Other languages spoken:
English, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal)
Cześć! My name is Lucyna, I'm certified Polish language teacher.
Native languages:
Other languages spoken:
English, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal)
Complete beginners
General learning
Test prep
Master of Arts (M.A) in Teaching Polish as a foreign and second language

Currently I live and work in Wrocław. I teach Polish to foreign students in Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and I run private online classes. My lessons are very dynamic - I don't like wasting time!:) I love making students involved in their language learning process and encourage them to take the responsibility for their progress. Due to my experience in teaching a wide variety of students, I know how tailoring classes to students needs is important.

My teaching methodology:
My classes are intensive and creative:) I always support the student in analysing the grammar and practising communication skills. I believe the self-confident is crucial in the language learning process. So...NEVER be afraid of speaking! To reach that goal, the classes are created in a way which gives the student lots of opportunities for speaking. Nevertheless we don't forget about developing all the language skills, that's why we work on listening, reading, writing and speaking as well. The purpose is comprehensible and effective interpersonal communication. We practice vocabulary and grammar in many different ways by playing with words and new constructions. I encourage the student to experiment with the language, discover more structures and meanings, so that his/her new knowledge reaches long-term memory very quickly. On every class, we REPEAT what we already know and always finish lesson having NEW SKILLS. Despite the dynamic pace, there is always time for necessary reflection and the friendly atmosphere is conducive to asking questions.
My teaching background:

I have got a master's degree in Teaching Polish as a Foreign and Second Language. Since 2015 I’ve been teaching Polish in leading language schools (e.g. Glossa and Varia), giving classes at the companies and working as Polish Language Lecturer in universities (Atma Jaya University of Indonesia, University of Lisbon and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology). Since 2020 I've run private online classes. I have taught a wide variety of students in my career: adults, teenagers, 70+ students, children, youngers willing to study in Poland, businessman, refugees. I run individual and group classes, short and long term, standard and intensive courses and classes online (!). Teaching students in such various situations and contexts taught me flexibility and creativity in adapting to different situations and people's needs.

My background outside of teaching:

I love to slow travel. I've spent some time travelling and volunteering in Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Ukraine, Spain, Uganda and East Timor. I worked with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I love diversity and I'm happy that my work gives me opportunities to meet so many interesting people.

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