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I teach a range of levels, intermediate to advanced, and I help expand vocabulary for social and business purposes

Conversation Conversation
Travel Travel
Business Business
Tourism Tourism
My classes are both engaging and entertaining. They have a particular focus on enabling the students to sound as much like a native speaker as possible. I place a high importance on t expanding vocabulary for real life and business situations. I have many business subjects to choose from these include general business, negotiations, meetings and presentations, emails, social situations, small talk
what should you expect from my classes:
I like to use current affairs, business materials and collocations for conversation in my classes. This helps in learning to use English in a natural way. Expanding vocab with collocations, helps with both grammar and greater confidence with talking to native speakers in both social and work environments
my teaching background:
I am an Australian EFL teacher who is currently in South America. For the past 2.5 years I have been working and living in Peru. I specialize in helping students gaining confidence in conversation with an increased vocabulary. I am also a senior English instructor with Berlitz Virtual Classroom
my background outside of teaching:
Before becoming a teacher, I spent numerous years in the mining, construction and hospitality industries. I have worked on gas plants, bauxite and various other mines. However, my interest in other cultures has always been present, as evidenced by my work on frequent indigenous housing projects.
native languages:
Berlitz Online Europe

price per lesson

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3 unique facts about me

  • Fun and entertaining, with a love of people and conversation.
  • A broad range of experience outside of teaching: Mining, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, and Construction
  • Passionate for knowledge about other cultures and people.


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  • Marek Kamiński's profile picture
    Marek Kamiński

    Let's tray to have a class with this teacher ! I'll have a lot of fun for sure :)

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    Leszek Radecki

    Barnaby is great person and i think we will meet again.

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    Marek Kamiński

    I have alwalys fun during the class with Barnaby

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    Norbert Kamaszewski

    Barnaby is great teacher. He is very friendly and well prepared for the classes. I strongly recommend him as a english teacher!

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    Deleted User

    Great teacher ! Very friendly, practical approach to teaching, interesting topics.

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    Waldek P

    Barnaby is always very open and friendly. I recommend him as a teacher.

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    Jan Forys

    Helpful and professional