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Hey kids & adults!I have years of experience teaching all ages & levels. See you in class:)

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I have experience teaching children - I use pictures, film, songs and props, role plays and stories - I also teach many adults from different countries and backgrounds of all ages - Reading, Conversation, Film, Pictures, Tasks, Exercises, role-plays and Debates I am very patient and I have experience in teaching all levels of English. Please send a message for your preferred time for a les
what should you expect from my classes:
Interesting articles, - reading aloud helps with vocabulary. Advice on grammar and which words to use in a sentence correctly. Listening activities - I send a podcast/short videos/articles and the next lesson is based on what was heard, read or watched. Tongue twisters. Learn to tell a story using pictures. Please message me to arrange a lesson:) Hope to see you soon in the next lesson.
my teaching background:
I have taught face to face for three years and I have been teaching online for three years. I teach adults and children of all ages. Please contact me to open a special slot for you.
my background outside of teaching:
I have also studied as a fitness professional and physiology as well counseling. I have experience working in marketing,sales, online marketing and market research.
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30-minute trial lesson: €4.50

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3 unique facts about me

  • "Imagine you can speak on any given topic English..."This is a person who can talk about any topic related to any field; for example, medical, politics, history, sports, etc. and not just in a boasting way, this person actually possess knowledge in these fields mainly by reading books, magazines, etc."Our goal is to be well rounded English speakers by the end of the year and hold an interesting conversation about basically everything. I
  • I am also a fitness instructor - I teach Pilates part-time and I enjoy helping people with injuries and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • I am also a professional dog trainer - we have 6 dogs on our property and we do dog training with 2 of them. I enjoy painting and drawing. And.... I can breathe under water... I'm just joking ha ha....


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    great teacher :)

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    Really great lesson!

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    Really nice and professional teacher :)