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Intelligent conversation, with correction when pronunciation or grammar problems occur.

Having lived for 40 years in Europe and 30 years in Asia I have broad and deep experience in many facets of life. I am able to converse on almost any topic. Choose your favourite topics, let's discuss them, and I will correct any language problems that occur. Similarly, I ask you to interrupt me if I say something you don't understand. These are advanced conversations, not beginners stuff.
what should you expect from my classes:
Broad life experience means I can discuss most topics. If you are interested in intelligent conversation, with language correction, then I can help you.
my teaching background:
Fifteen years of teaching oral English as a second language in Thailand, China and Laos, and teaching business students online.
my background outside of teaching:
I have experienced working in accountancy, computer programming, business management, business ownership, and my hobbies include restaurateur, rally driving, light aircraft pilot, and traveller to 30 countries
native languages:
other languages spoken:

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3 unique facts about me

  • 40 years in Europe and 30 years in Asia
  • One of UK's first computer programmers in 1968
  • Author of several books on self-improvement


  • Mega Kids's profile picture
    Mega Kids

    David is very attentive teacher.

  • Janusz Langowski's profile picture
    Janusz Langowski

    It was pleasure to talk with David

  • Beata Wiatkowska's profile picture
    Beata Wiatkowska

    David is a great man. You can learn a lot from him and you can spend time discussing really interesting topics concerning life.

  • Kamil Czaplewski's profile picture
    Kamil Czaplewski

    One of the best teachers here. I really recommend him!

  • Muslim Sattarov's profile picture
    Muslim Sattarov

    David is a supportive and attentive teacher and very interesting person to speak with! He definitely has a rich life experience to share and lots of things to discuss during the conversation.

  • Zuzannna Malinowska's profile picture
    Zuzannna Malinowska

    David is very kind person. He focuses not only on vocabulary but raising self-esteem of his students. That unusual. I think he is one of the best teacher I've ever met in my life.

  • VERĂ“NICA PULLA's profile picture

    Really nice conversations!

  • VERĂ“NICA PULLA's profile picture

    It is really interesting talk with David about the most controversial topics of life :)