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Hi there! I am an experienced ESL teacher and my main goal is to help you speak English confidently!:)

Conversation Conversation
General learning General learning
Grammar Grammar
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Pronunciation Pronunciation
Complete beginners Complete beginners
I teach using the Communicative approach and adapt the lessons to my learners' needs. My main goal is to make sure my learners can actually speak English and be comfortable while doing so. :) We can focus more on grammar, speaking or any other type of exercise/activity as needed, but usually we hit all the skills needed to be able to speak/communicate in English in a balanced way.
what should you expect from my classes:
Since I teach with the Communicative Approach in mind, I have very flexible lesson plans. My specialty and main focus is working with adults and helping them discover and enjoy "real life" English. In order to do that I make sure that we have a balanced approach and do a little bit of everything during our lessons: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, etc.
my teaching background:
I have been an ESL teacher for the past 7 years and I started out teaching at a language school, so I have experience working with groups of adults and one-on-one lessons, too. For the past couple of years I have been working as a private tutor and, more recently, an online private tutor.
my background outside of teaching:
I studied Literature in London, so I have a certain love for the language.:) Aside from teaching English, I also do translations, proofreading and a bit of copywriting.
native languages:
English, Russian
other languages spoken:
Spanish, French
Teaching Experience Certificate
TESOL Foundational Principles
TESOL Theories of Second Language Acquisition
TESOL Lesson Design and Assessment

price per lesson

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3 unique facts about me

  • I love animals and have two kitties (Mr. Jacob and Dr. Watson) and a dog (Marley) :)
  • As an extension of the first fact, since I love all living creatures, I am also an avid indoor gardener!
  • The last book I read was Stephen King's 'The Outsider'. I'm on a bit of a King's-books-binge, so I am currently reading his 'Bag of Bones'. XD


  • Marta Sawicka's profile picture
    Marta Sawicka

    It was a good first lesson. Can't wait for more. Thank you Kathrin :)

  • Isabel GP's profile picture
    Isabel GP

    Kathrin es una profesora muy simpática, maneja y explica con claridad todos los contenidos, responde a todas las preguntas y tiene mucha paciencia con sus estudiantes. La recomiendo ! :)

  • Dominika Bryła's profile picture
    Dominika Bryła

    Kate make You to speak! Great and diverse lesson! Full of talking, vocabulary and even grammar review.

  • Dominika Bryła's profile picture
    Dominika Bryła

    Great communication with Kathrin :)

  • Róża Bartoszewska's profile picture
    Róża Bartoszewska

    Very nice person I can't wait to my next lesson ;)

  • Alicja K's profile picture
    Alicja K

    Kathrin is a great english teacher, very energetic person and she really helps me with my english.
    I am satisfied. Thank you!

  • Paulina Robak's profile picture
    Paulina Robak

    the best teacher I've ever had :)

  • julietta michalak's profile picture
    julietta michalak

    Very friendly person , it was a great time