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Juan Diego Gomez

Multilingual tutor, certified with 6 years of experience.
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Native languages:
Other languages spoken:
English, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil)
Multilingual tutor, certified with 6 years of experience.
Native languages:
Other languages spoken:
English, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil)
General learning
Complete beginners
Young Learners
Español Como Lengua Extranjera
Ingeniería Mecánica - Universidad Industrial de Santander
Pedagogía Para Profesionales No Licenciados
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My name is Juan Diego. I am Colombian and I am an engineer passionate about teaching and languages. I am a native Spanish speaker. As a polyglot, I am an expert in language learning. I speak English, Italian, Portuguese, and French. I love music, literature, science, art, and other subjects from which great and enriching conversations can emerge.

My teaching methodology:
My students can anticipate an engaging and supportive learning experience characterized by patience, friendliness, and motivation. I cultivate a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where they feel at ease expressing themselves. *During our lessons, we delve into diverse topics such as music, literature, science, and art, fostering enriching conversations that not only enhance language skills but also provide a holistic and enjoyable learning journey. I specialize in tailoring my teaching approach to meet the unique needs and aspirations of every student. I create a personalized learning journey that moves at their pace, seamlessly blending grammar insights with engaging real-life scenarios and interactive audio-visual exercises. *My primary aim is to cultivate strong communication skills in a practical setting, ensuring a confident and adept grasp of the language.
My teaching background:

I am a certified Spanish as a foreign language tutor and language learning expert with over 6 years of teaching experience. 1. Language School Instructor At local bootcamps in my country, I taught English to train bilingual programmers. 2. Primary or Secondary School Educator I have taught elementary students at local schools in my country. 3. University Instructor I have worked as an engineering tutor at local universities in my country. 4. Face-to-Face Private Tutor I have worked as a private tutor teaching languages such as English, Spanish, and Italian. 5. Online Private Tutor I have worked as an online private tutor for different national and international platforms.

My background outside of teaching:

Although my primary career path has been in teaching, my background as a Mechanical Engineer has equipped me with invaluable skills in physics, mathematics, Descriptive Geometry, Machine Design, and renewable energies. During my academic journey, I actively contributed to the aerospace sciences research group at my alma mater and spearheaded my thesis on renewable energies. These experiences have significantly enhanced my ability to effectively communicate intricate concepts, lead collaborative initiatives, and adeptly tackle diverse problem-solving scenarios. My engineering background not only broadened my perspective but also refined my approach to sharing complex ideas in an accessible manner, transcending age and educational backgrounds. This multifaceted skill set allows me to offer a distinctive viewpoint and added expertise in my teaching methodology.

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